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Parts of the brain

The children in foundation and year one have learnt that their brains are AMAZING!

They have found out about 3 different parts of the brain and their special jobs.

The amygdala is our guard dog who keeps us safe from danger.

The prefrontal cortex is our wise owl who is in charge of our thinking.

The hippocampus stores information so we can remember.

The children have learnt that if they are upset, worried or angry then their guard dog barks (to protect them from danger) but the barking upsets the owl and the hippo so their brains find it impossible to think properly and learn well.

We have learnt some different strategies to help calm our guard dog so that our brains are happy and ready to learn. Please click on the links below.

how feelings affect learning

The children in foundation and year one have learnt that all feelings are normal and natural but that their brains find it difficult to work properly if they are angry, worried or frustrated. They have talked about the importance of sharing their feelings with a trusted adult.

The link below tells the story of "The Huge Bag of Worries"

They have found out that happy brains think and learn best so we have thought of lots of ways to create a happy classroom.

The link below tells the story of "The Pig of Happiness" and shows us how we have the power to create our own happiness and spread it to others.





Perseverance, curiosity and resilience

In year two the children have been learning about the importance of perseverance, curiosity and resilience.

They used the story, The Most Magnificent Thing, to illustrate these qualities and have a class discussion.

Please click on the link below to hear the story at home.

The children also learnt about the importance of having a go and that mistakes are a good and normal part of learning.

They learnt how mindful listening and feedback can help them improve and ...

they learnt the magic power of the word YET!

The links below are a fantastic resource to help discuss these subjects at home.



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