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Computing and online safety

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computing curriculum

Here is the Curriculum Oveview for Computing in Wescott.

coding club

(Currently suspended due to Covid) In Year Two we run a lunchtime coding club for 8 children. This is held at Westende Junior School with the help of  8 Year Five/Six pupils. We introduce the children to Scratch coding.


Online safety

The internet is a great place to learn and have fun but we want to make sure it is also a safe place for children. Below are a number of websites which contain helpful information about keeping your child safe online.

Here are a number of documents we have shared with parents in the past regarding online safety, we also have a Online Safety section in our weekly newsletter.

Parental controls

Parental Controls allow parents to:

  • Set up filters to block content
  • Control access time and length of access
  • Control access to stores or prevent downloading
  • Block particular Apps

Controls can be set up on individual devices, by Internet Service Providers, or by phone and network service providers.  Please refer to individual providers for the most up to date support and advice. Below are some key sites that provide you with information and links to set up parental controls.

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