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What does a PA do?

Our PA is set up to advance the education of the children attending both schools by providing facilities and experiences for them which would not normally be funded by the school budget. We extend and build relationships between parents, staff and others associated with the schools, including the local community, and work with the schools' to support them.

We raise money by organising fun events and activities which bring together the school children, their families and school staff ~ our school community.

One of the ways that we raise funds is with commission from name labels purchased from Stikins, please see link below.


What is a PA?

A PA is a Parent Association. Wescott Infant School and Westende Junior School have a joint PA which was formed in 1974. The PA is made up of parents and guardians. 

It is a registered charity, number 325012.

How do I become a member?

The good news is you do not need to do anything! All parents and guardians of children at Wescott and Westende are automatically members.

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