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Our School Vision

At Wescott Infant School we believe 'Anything's possible.'

Children are encouraged to be happy, inquisitive, confident, independent and resilient learners who continually aspire to develop and extend their learning. They take risks in their learning, are prepared for the future and understand their importance and their place in the world.  

Learning experiences are inspiring, creative, exciting, fun, challenging, developed from the children's interests and  are personalised to meet their individual needs. Outstanding learning and teaching ensures children make exceptional progress along their learning journey.

The learning environment is inclusive, safe, caring, friendly and welcoming where children take pride in their achievements and have the belief to succeed.  We foster an environment where every individual is respected and valued.

We work in partnership with our families as well as school, local and global communities.

Growth Mindset


We want to foster a love of learning and a culture of being brave – learning by our mistakes; being excited by challenge.


As a school, we teach our children that our brain is like every other muscle in our bodies – that with regular exercise it will grow. 


Through a series of assemblies involving memorable characters, we encourage the children to reflect on how this can be achieved – what they need to do, to be active in their learning.

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