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Eco Club

Eco Club Assembly February 2019

Friday 31st January 2020

Eco Club were out feeding the birds today. We thought carefully about the importance of caring for the birds that visit our gardens. We had a really fun session and look forward to seeing all the many visitors come flying in for feeding time! Next week we will be making our own bird feeders using cereal.

Friday 22nd November 2019

This week in Eco Club the children were shown information about how Sea Turtles are becoming endangered due to plastic pollution in our seas. The children all gave some wonderful ideas of how this could be stopped. We then made our own sea turtles using recycled egg boxes. 


Eco Club is run by Mrs Taylor and in the Spring Term consists of two children from each Year 1 and Year 2 class. 

We try and meet most Fridays at lunchtime. Our focus this term is litter picking, feeding the birds and being creative with recycled materials. Welcome Eco-Champions!

 Lucie and Jack in Cedar.

 Marlee and Abigail in Willow.

Ysabel and Chloe in Maple.

 Olivia and Toby in Sycamore class.

Friday 17th January 2020

The new members of Eco Club (Spring Term) all met at lunchtime today and discussed future projects which they would like to take part in. They had lots of great ideas. This morning the children all stood up and introduced themselves to the rest of the school during the whole school assembly. The new eco club were also given their special Eco Club badges. We are looking forward to next week's first task of litter picking around the school grounds!


Friday 24th Janury 2020

Eco Club were busy at lunchtime today walking round the school grounds and picking up litter. We found lots of different types of rubblish such as sweet wrappers and plastic packaging. The children enjoyed sorting the litter into which ones could be recycled and worked collaboratively together. Well done children, you are helping to keep Wescott tidy! 

Thursday 12th December 2019

Eco club met today to do some gardening. They planted some cheerful winter plants to go into tubs for the front of school. Well done team - they look great!

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