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Eco Club

Year 2 LItter picking

Tuesday 21st September 2021

Today the children got busy with litter picking around the school grounds. We talked about how important it is to keep our world litter free. Did you know that every year 2 million items of litter are dropped on our beaches, fields, towns and roadsides, spoiling our landscape, harming our wildlife and threatening our planet? So, armed with their litter pickers the ‘Green Team’ found all sorts of bits of rubbish such as a half eaten apple, an old banana skin, plastic straw wrappers, a hair band and even an old teacher's post it note! Our aim was to try and recycle as much as we could, create a better environment and make a difference. A job well done!

Eco Club is a lunchtime club run by Mrs Taylor

 This term's Eco Club members are:

Olivia and Rufus in Willow class.

Lacie and Alexander in Cedar class

Charlotte and Caleb in Maple class.

 Toreya and Matthew in Sycamore class.

Year 1 - Turn the lights off!

Monday 27th September 2021

Today's eco meeting was to learn about saving electricity and conserving energy.  We talked about how important it is to turn the lights off in a room when it is empty. So today, the Green Team’s environmental task was to see how well Wescott did at this. Clutching pencils and clipboards the children walked around and checked all the main rooms in school. Our results showed that most empty rooms did indeed have the lights switched off although we did have to turn the lights of in a couple of classrooms. (Poor Mrs Pelling had only left her classroom briefly to go the printer!) We also updated our reminder pictures to be put up around the school. Great work children!

                          Save Energy

                           Save Water

                        Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

                   Grow plants and vegetables

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