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School Council


Wescott School Council is run by Miss Gallagher and consists of two children from each class. If you would like to know more about school council you can look at the presentation below.


It is the start of the spring term so each class has voted for and chosen 2 new school council members. We have been very busy this half term!

So far  we have met and discussed our apprach to our school enviroment and discussed the buddy benches in school and buddy bibs. In our meetings we have disussed where the buddy benches are in school and how they should be used. We came up with a list of buddy bench rules and shared these with the school in our assembly. Hopefully we will see them being used appropriately at playtimes and that it will help children find friends/make new friendships. 

We have also been discussing and thinking about how children at Wescott behave around the school and how we could make it even better. Some things we have talked about and shared in our assembly are:

  • Making sure coats, hats, scarves and gloves are hung up/put away properly in our cloakrooms. 
  • Holding the door open for adults/other children walking through.
  • Remembering to be polite around school to EVERYONE! 
  • Making sure that we are respectful of others as we move around school i.e walking, talking quietly etc...

We hope that by sharing our ideas and speaking about it these in our assembly we will be able to see some positive changes around the school. 

Next steps:

In our next few meetings we will be creating posters that will be put up around the school to help remind children of these behaviours. We will also be taking part in another 'school environment walk' to see the changes that have happened. 

Each class has a school council book which gets brought to every meeting. If any child has any questions/ideas they are weclome to share it with their class school council member, it can be written in the book and shared with the group in our next meeting. 

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