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The subcommittees of the Local Advisory Board and related Terms of Reference will be agreed in September 2020.

The Governing Body of Wescott Infant School

The Governing Body needs to take a strategic role, act as a critical friend to the School and be accountable for its decisions. It should set aims and objectives and agree, monitor and review policies, targets and priorities

Terms of Reference:

  • To agree constitutional matters, including procedures where the Governing Body has discretion
  • To abide by the Instrument of Government and Code of Conduct
  • To appoint new Governors when vacancies arise and where appropriate
  • To hold at least three Governing Body meetings a year
  • To appoint or remove the Chair and Vice Chair
  • To appoint or remove a Clerk to the Governing Body
  • To establish the committees of the Governing Body and their Terms of Reference as required
  • To appoint or remove a Clerk to each committee
  • To suspend a Governor
  • To decide which functions of the Governing Body will be delegated to committees, groups and individuals
  • To receive reports from any individual or committee to whom a decision has been delegated and to consider whether any further action by the Governing Body is necessary
  • To review the delegation arrangements annually                                                                                                                                                    
  • To hold FGB ‘light’ meetings on a regular basis to cover topics not otherwise discussed at committee meetings - pay and personnel, curriculum, ICT, sites (see Appendices)
  • Finance meetings are held separately. The Finance committee has a stand-alone TOR.

Membership – As per the Instrument of Government

Disqualification – as per Regulation 20 and Schedule 6 of the Constitution Regulations             

These terms of reference agreed by the Governing Body18 Nov 2019

Name of Governor

End of term of Office

Cat Allen


Trevor Phillips


Naomi Nelson


Kathryn Pelling


Michael Potter


Lester Dennis                                                


Peter Bunce


Matthew Clark


Neil Campbell


Ben Forman


Stephanie Holding


Chair of the Governing Body

Cat Allen

Vice-Chair of the Governing Body

Trevor Phillips

Clerk to the Governing Body

Tamsin Régnès

Quorum:  One half of the number of Governors in post


The Full Governing Body (FGB) will ensure review and evaluation of the curriculum policies.  The FGB will ensure all statutory obligations, including the National Curriculum, EYFS and Every Child Matters framework are met. The Curriculum chair, in consultation with the Head teacher, shall advise the Governing Body on all curriculum matters.

Function and key responsibilities:

  1. To review the Governors’ Curriculum Statement.
  1. To facilitate review of all curricular policies (see policy review spreadsheet)
  1. To support effective learning and teaching and promote raising standards, reviewing progress against end of year KS1 and Foundation Stage (FS) targets and evaluating action plans.
  1. To ensure that individual pupil progress tracking is in place and used to evaluate the effectiveness of provision across the ability range including Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Able Gifted and Talented (AGT).
  1. To evaluate school performance through analysis of results (end of FS and KS1).
  1. With support from the Headteacher, use a depth of understanding in the full curriculum in order to monitor and support curriculum development.
  1. To ensure that there is a pairing of a named Governor with a named class, taking into account relevant experiences, skills and personal interest, and that an active programme of participation takes place.
  1. To contribute to the direction and review of the annual School Improvement Plan and Ofsted action plans that refer to curricular matters.
  1. To monitor the expenditure of Pupil Premium and its impact on pupil achievement.
  1. To recommend to the Finance Committee the budget required to provide and maintain the resources needed to deliver the curriculum.

Curriculum Chair: Naomi Nelson

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The Full Governing Body (FGB) will ensure review and evaluation of the ICT policies.  The ICT chair, in consultation with the Head teacher, shall advise the Governing Body on all ICT matters.

Function and key responsibilities:

  1. To develop a high level strategy for whole school ICT, to be reviewed annually. This strategy will provide a link between the ICT and Finance perspectives.
  1. Assist in the preparation of an annual budget for ICT hardware and software expenditure to the Finance Committee for inclusion in the school budget.
  1. To support the ICT Subject leader.
  1. To contribute to the direction and review of the annual School Improvement Plan and action plans that refer to ICT matters.
  1. To support the achievement of a safe learning environment for children by championing online-safety.
  1. To facilitate annual review of all ICT linked policies, including the ICT Policy.
  1. To evaluate the impact of ICT decisions through analysis and review.
  1. To ensure that the school website contains the required information about the school and the Governing Body and ensure that it is being maintained correctly.

ICT Chair: Kathryn Pelling

Pay and Personnel

The Full Governing Body will review and agree staff provision, procedures for staff selection, appointment and performance management. It will contribute to the performance management of the Headteacher, agree the staff training programmes and review and agree pay for all staff. It will draft and keep under review the staffing structure in consultation with the Headteacher and the Finance Committee.

Function and key responsibilities:

  1. To establish a Pay Policy for all categories of staff and to be responsible for its administration in a fair and objective manner and also its review, such review to be as appropriate and at least annually.
  2. To undertake an annual pay review for each member of staff based on the criteria set out in the school’s Pay Policy with effect from 1 September each year.
  3. To observe all statutory and contractual obligations.
  4. To minute clearly and confidentially the reasons for all decisions
  5. To establish a separate Pay Review Appeals Panel made up of Governors who have not been previously involved in the annual staff pay review process. To consider any individual representations that may be made in respect of a decision on pay grading or pay awards.
  6. To oversee the appointment procedure for all staff and agree starting salaries in conjunction with the Headteacher and Finance Committee.
  7. To establish and review a Performance Management policy for all staff including the Headteacher, and be responsible for their implementation including the appointment of the Headteacher Performance Review Panel. To work with the Headteacher to ensure that the Governing Body complies with the Appraisal Regulations 2012 (teachers).
  8. To oversee the process leading to staff reductions.
  9. To keep under review staff work/life balance, working conditions and well-being, including the monitoring of absence.
  10. To recommend to the Finance Committee the annual budget needed for pay and CPD, bearing in mind the need to ensure the availability of monies to support any exercise of pay discretion.
  11. To keep abreast of relevant developments and to advise the Governing Body when the school’s Pay Policy needs to be revised.
  12. To establish and review other policies relevant to pay and personnel

Pay and Personnel Chair: Trevor Phillips

Sites and Safety

The Full Governing Body will manage the school premises as set out below.  In its work the FGB shall take into account environmental considerations, safeguarding and facilitating the SDP.

Function and key responsibilities

  1. To oversee, in conjunction with the Headteacher and School Business Manager :
  • The management of the school premises, facilities and grounds including maintenance, decoration, improvements and alterations (The Local Authority is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the exterior of the school buildings)
  • Provision of services (eg electricity, water) to ensure efficiency
  • Security and safety of the premises and contents with particular regard to the Health and Safety at Work Act and any other relevant legislation
  1. To recommend to the Finance Committee the budget needed for maintaining, repairing and, if applicable, improving the school premises and grounds;
  2. To review annually all relevant policies

Sites and Safety Chair: Matthew Clarke

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