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Welcome to the Governors' section of the Wescott Infant School website.

Wescott has an enthusiatic and proactive governing body whose principal concern is the welfare of the school as a whole.

Instrument of Government

Cat A
Neil Campbell
Ben Forman
Kathryn P gov
Steph Holding Governor
T Regnes Clerk to Governor

Details of 2019-2020 governors

Name of Governor Type of Governor Appointing Body Date of Appointment Term of Office (date current term started) Date Stepped Down , if applicable.
Cat Allen


Governing Body 20/10/2011 2 years (02/10/2018)  
Lester Dennis Co-Opted Governing Body 01/10/2004 4 years (21/01/2019) 22/04/2020
Trevor Phillips Co-Opted    VICE-CHAIR Governing Body 24/04/2017 2 years (02/10/2018)  
Matthew Clarke Co-Opted Governing Body 26/11/2015 4 years (26/11/2019)  
Naomi Nelson Co-Opted Governing Body 26/11/2015 4 years (26/11/2019)  
Mike Potter Co-Opted Governing Body 26/11/2015 4 years (26/11/2019)  
Kathryn Pelling Staff Staff 16/05/2016 4 years (16/05/2016)  
Peter Bunce Parent Parents 26/09/2016 4 years (26/09/2016)  
Neil Campbell Parent Parents 31/10/2018 4 years (31/10/2018)  
Ben Forman Co-Opted Governing Body 22/11/2018 4 years (22/11/2018)  
Stephanie Holding Head teacher Governing Body 01/09/2019 Ongoing  
Sally Hunter Staff (Head) Staff 21/09/2005   19/07/2019
Rachel Drew Associate Governing Body 16/05/2014   02/10/2018
























Designated Roles

Name of Governor Governor Role
Cat Allen CHAIR, Health and Safety, Access and Inclusion (SEND)
Lester Dennis Development
Trevor Phillips VICE-CHAIR, Safeguarding, Looked After Children





Committee Membership 2019-2020

Name of Governor Committee Membership
Cat Allen Finance, Site and Safety, Curriculum, Personnel and Pay
Lester Dennis Finance, Personnel and Pay, ICT
Trevor Phillips Site and Safety, Personnel and Pay (Chair)
Matthw Clarke Site and Safety (Chair), Personnel and Pay
Naomi Nelson Curriculum (Chair), Personnel and Pay
Mike Potter Finance (Chair) Site and Safety
Kathryn Pelling Curriculum, ICT (Chair)
Peter Bunce Finance, Curriculum
Stephanie Holding Finance, Site &Safety Curriculum, Personnel and Pay ICT
Ben Forman Finance











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